How To Enjoy Miami On Your Next Vacation

How To Enjoy Miami On Your Next Vacation

Miami has long been recognized as one of the most vibrant cities in the United States. It has a reputation for pulsating nightlife including some of the best pubs and clubs in the country. The laid back atmosphere and numerous cultural influences have made it into a melting pot that is reflected in the cuisine of its many eateries and the arts and crafts that are available in its boutiques and craft markets.

So when you are next vacationing in Miami what are some of the must see attractions that complete any visit to this amazing city.

One must visit neighborhood in Miami that should be on everyone’s bucket list when visiting the city must be Little Havana. Populated by families and their descendants who fled Cuba when Fidel Castro came to power it is a vibrant setting for unique arts, music, culture and especially food.

You should try and plan your trip to Miami to coincide with the Viernes Culturales – a street party like no other. You’ll enjoy art, live music and freestyle dancing and some of the best food and drink served by the sidewalk vendors who get into the spirit of the party.

For those with an interest in all things floral a trip to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens is something that should not be missed. immaculate gardens and manicured lawns make this a great place to simply wander and marvel at the beauty that can be found in Miami and its surrounds. If you are lucky enough you may be able to satisfy your sweet tooth during the annual Chocolate Festival that is held in the Gardens.

For a dose of calm and serenity make sure to visit the Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple. run by monks this is a place where everyone is welcome. Join in the prayers or simply take in the serenity of the gardens and start your search for inner peace.

No visit to Miami would be complete without sampling some of the fantastic seafood that is on offer at eateries across the city.

For a real treat visit Mignonette. Here oysters, as well as customers are treated like royalty. If you are in the city during the period October to May then you simply must visit Joe’s Stone Crab. The restaurant which is over 100 years old serves its crab with secret sauce that defies description – your taste buds will love you for the experience.

Your next vacation to Miami will be filled with fun and excitement – that’s just the nature of the city – relax and take it all in.

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